Trevor + Natalie

Glacier Point Elopement in Yosemite

Mar 9, 2020

Her dress! That sunrise! Their love! I can tell you that on October 1st of 2019 the temperature at Glacier Point was COLD. We stayed in the car with heater blasting as long as we could. We all embraced, no no we did not embrace, the cold. We smiled through the cold :). Trevor tried to warm his hands as he turned to look at Natalie for the first time. So sweet :). After first look we warmed up in the car for a bit then headed back out. When the sun peaks over the mountain everything seems to stop. The birds chill, the wind stops, The sound of chattering teeth stops… It wasn’t that bad. Nice thing about eloping late in the season is the crowds. There are none! And if you’re lucky you’ll see a bear. Our time together was short but it was such a beautiful day

Just a reminder: Glacier Point road will be closed in 2021. Possibly longer. So if ya want these shots we have to hike our butts up there. Or hire a horse/mule! Yea, talk to me about that, because it could be possible.

Be Happy. Be Peaceful. Be liberated

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