I am Kate

Capturing love
& good times for life. 

Get The Skinny 

The perfect day starts in bed with a smile.

Splurging on 5 star dinner is not a crime.

Taking a drive down a mountain dirt road is a great way to procrastinate

Breaking the rules is worth it, sometimes. mostly when it involves a midnight horse back ride under the tallest mountains you’ve ever seen

I believe in f***ing up – When we make mistakes its the best opportunity for GROWTH and to see things with fresh eye. With exception to my typos; that just wont change. Ive tried haha 

I believe in being called “goofy” – so long as it makes you smile.

I believe replying to a question with ‘Because I said so.’ is a thoughtless answer. Try harder

Laughing with your co-workers at work is a win, not a lack of working.

Following a trail isn’t really an adventure, getting lost off trail is the adventure. 

You can never have too many hobbies, be it trail riding, snowboarding, buying house plants, beading hat bands on a loom, substituting K-5th graders or finding treasures in the woods.

The gypsy soul may fade, but never die.

Yosemite lover. Yosemite based. Yosemite grown



I am TRUE TO Mother Nature
I am FOR the adventurous

I will watch you almost as closely as your loved ones do (no creep status), I will predict your next movement, I will have you and your lover playing around the meadow like kids, I will suggest hikes and invite you on new trails, I will listen to you and also tell you what’s up.

I aim to capture you and your loved ones in candid moments. It's almost a failure when people look and smile at my camera. “I’ve mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still that I become invisible to the eye. Watch.” -Drax, The Avengers

Don't know what to do with your hands? Thats ok, I've got you during portrait sessions. I will help pose you all while getting those candid moments that you are most relaxed in.

Oh gosh, still here?
Well read on if you wish to know more about me

Alright you guys I’m free writing this! I think this will you give you the best representation of me, typos and all. You may find that I'm extremely cheesy with love and feelings but also edgy with my cowgirl personality. I would say I’m half hippie, half cowgirl. A rare breed, I know. This will be long, I hope you take the few minutes to slow down and read what I’ve got to say. Because if you choose me I want you to know who is going to be around you ALLL day at your wedding. And hopefully the Day After.

I am IN LOVE WITH Yosemite. It is truly my home, as us locals brand those kids lucky enough to live in Yosemite, I am a true Park Brat. Do you want to know what its like to grow up in Yosemite Valley? I’ll give you a tease, for the rest you’ll just have to ask. Imagine your front yard being the cover of a magazine, landscaping created by God. Finding sticks and limbs to make forts in the forrest before going to your grade school dance. Watching your dad and other park employees playing baseball with Yosemite Falls as the backdrop. Being witness to a 100 year flood, standing in your front yard and watching whole trees come over Yosemite falls. Playing a game of dodge the tourist while we run to the post office to check the mail that we would loose on the way home through the ancient cemetery. I know that fearful feeling you get when walking in the woods and knowing there is a mountain lion watching you, you just cant see it. Maybe my childhood was like most. I just had the best playground and endless amounts of tourist to mess with.

                          and love for nature has never left me. It is me. I have lived in many many places and road tripped around the states enough times to know how to plan the perfect 40 day trip. Somehow i made it through three years of college on the coast. This mountain girl took a break from the ocean to WA for a few months. I had to learn how to enjoy living on the coast. Ha ask me about my first surf lesson. College was an adventure in itself. From self discovery, stress, exposure, lots of falls back but grand leaps to growth. I’m thankful I went to college and learned so much about photography, but the learning didn’t stop there. We can always learn more, embrace the lessons life gives you. It's more than composing a 'shot'.

    luv them! extreme/adventure sorts that is. Im not much of team player. I love watching an athlete before they perform. To witness someone who is going into the zone and catching that fire is out of this world. I watch their chest as they breath, I noticed their hand language, I really try to read their thoughts in their eyes. Becoming a sports photographer taught me to see the details, anticipate the next move, be in the right spot, and capture these moments. I bring this into life and wedding photography. It also taught me was to stick around. Wait to see what happens after the ‘action shot’. To see that Shawn White is sore looser! But also a determined mother F’er; props. To witness the thought process after someone dominates a run, or fails, is powerful. Open your eyes you guys, be a people watcher. I guess you could call me a crazed people watcher.

Imperfect: I’m human, perfectly imperfect. So are you. And that person you idol. And that person you dislike. Be compassionate and kind to yourself and others.  

    How do I keep myself sane?
Yoga. Meditation. Faith in God. Being thankful for all things. Getting outside.
How do I loose my mind? Coffee(though I enjoy it once in a while). Not doing yoga. Forgetting that God is in my life. Ignoring the practice of being a good human. Getting stuck in the things of the past that I literally can’t change. Traffic in Yosemite gets to me sometimes.  
Constant reminder to myself: be good, believe, listen to your body and have patients.

            I go to bed at 9pm…. 6am a few times a year ;). I have been practicing yoga since 2012. It has been my saving grace and introduced me to some of my most cherished friendships. I meditate... a lot. If you see me off the grid im probably at a meditation center. Butter and salt popcorn is the way to my heart. I’m a giver and need to learn how to be a receiver of gifts and love. I get this from my mom. Whisky and a fire used to ground me and mades my senses pleased. I like the dirt. To feel it. Smell it. I like dirty hands. I like the smell of my body after hiking all day. I don’t always jump in the high lakes but when I do I ask myself why I don’t do it every time. I LOVE dogs, unless they are licking themselves. I cant stand that sound. I go crazy sitting inside for more than a few hours. Yes, editing is hard only because of that reason. I feel overwhelmed in messy houses. I’m a pretty deep thinker and need to be reminded to not think so much. I ride horses and used to pack mule, its ok if you don’t know what that is, its basically a dying breed around these parts. unfortunately. Im a pretty calm person on the outside but behind my eyes, in my soul, there is a fire raging 






Kate's deep love of and connection to Yosemite.

Our portrait session out in the wilderness remains one of my favorite, most peaceful moments from our wedding day.

Kate's photojournalism background really sets her apart, and she captured so many candids of our families during our wedding that we'll treasure for a lifetime. 

As long as I live, I'll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing. I'll interpret the rocks, learn the language of flood, storm, and the avalanche. I'll acquaint myself with the glaciers and wild gardens, and get as near the heart of the world as I can.
- JOhn Muir

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