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If you’re down to allow time for it, I’d LOVE to go on adventure with you on your wedding day – or even after you've said your vows with the goal of creating something magical and totally unique. Im talking beyond Taft and Glacier Point(Though those are still on the table). Im talking the Cathedrals, Passes, May Lake, Benson lake and beyond! Adventure from a whole day to a three day adventure. Maybe even seven...

Im talking hiking shoes, backpacks, headlamps, sweat, hats, sunscreen, tents, epic sunrise and sunsets, high lakes, breaks to jump in these lakes, maybe some party time under the stars, Vows exchanged in places that vows may have never been exchanged. All of this documented! A trip and wedding of a life time in Yosemite. I have options if you wish to get the parents out there too.   

Ultimately, I believe an adventure doesn’t exist within a constrained amount of time and would push for both The One & Only collection and the Day-after session if you want a more 'traditional' wedding. If you live for adventure and can leave the masses at home then we can customize this. All options to ensure we can take full advantage of exploring together. OR TALK TO ME! Tell me what you're thinking. Ask me what I think would be epic and how we can achieve this.  We can hike with our packs, or hike and hire my long eared friends to carry the weight, OR tour the back country on horseback while mules carry our stuff. Regulators, Mount up! hehe

My dream is NOT to go to another country to photograph a wedding. My DREAM is to shoot weddings deep into Yosemite. Explore the other 95% of Yosemite with love birds. This is possible. And if you are into anything I just mentioned then write me. Tug on my heart strings by telling me what above mentioned tugged on your heart strings. 

I'll be in touch as soon as I can!


We are now in the mountains and they are in us, kindling enthusiasm, making every nerve quiver, filling every pore and cell of us

PLease ask me any question(s) you may have!

John Muir

If my soul could get away from this so-called prison...

If my soul could get away from this so-called prison, be granted all the list of attributes generally bestowed on spirits, my first ramble on spirit-wings would not be among the volcanoes of the moon. Nor should I follow the sunbeams to their sources in the sun. I should hover about the beauty of our own good star. I should not go moping among the tombs, not around the artificial desolation of men. I should study Nature's laws in all their crossings and unions; I should follow magnetic streams to their source and follow the shores of our magnetic oceans. I should go among the rays of the aurora, and follow them to their beginnings, and study their dealings and communions with other powers and expressions of matter. And I should go to the very center of our globe and read the whole splendid page from the beginning. But my first journeys would be into the inner substance of flowers, and among the folds and mazes of Yosemite's falls. How grand to move about in the very tissue of falling columns, and in the very birthplace of their heavenly harmonies, looking outward as from windows of ever-varying transparency and staining!