Convict Lake Wedding:Chris + Olivia

Jan 3, 2020

Convict Lake Wedding

Convict Lake Wedding

Convict Lake Wedding

Convict Lake Wedding

Convict Lake Wedding

Convict Lake Wedding

Convict Lake Wedding

Convict Lake Wedding

Like all weddings this one was beautiful! full of love! Epic surrounding mountains! Fun and loving couple! Amazing family and friends! It was like a dream

I met Chris, Olivia and Dacks last year while we did their engagement photos. We met at glacier point then drove down to the valley. You know those first meeting can be a little… new :D. Well Chris is comfortable with just about anything and Olivia is so so sweet and calm. Almost scary how calm she is ;). And their dog, Dacks, is the most mellow husky I have ever met. They must have liked me and the images I provided because they hired me for their wedding.

A wedding on the east side of Yosemite will always excite me. The crowed factor there is not as crazy as Yosemite and the mountains there are just… Epic. Or maybe im just stoked to see them because its not a side of the sierras i get to see much. They chose Convict lake! When you drive into the box canyon you cant help but feel this overwhelming feeling of WOW! Mount Morrison looks larger than life. I wonder how such mountains don’t touch outer space. Convict Lake is bustled in the canyon with steep mountains of many colors, aspen trees and a beautiful walking trails that hugs around it. Olivia and Chris love love love this area and visit often.

I was location scouting the day before the wedding i ran into them :). They seemed so at peace. I was happy to see that they had time to enjoy the lake. I drive around and walked around looking for the perfect location for their first look. Many factors go into choosing portrait locations off site. I found the most perfect place. of course it involved a hike. Sometimes we must work a little for the things that fill our hearts. I also found an easier location for plan B. I text both of them the night before and asked their opinion and they were both on board with hike location. YES!

Wedding day! The first image in this blog is Olivia hiking up to see Chris for the first look. Worth it, right? yea :).
The ceremony site at Convict lake is killer. Beautiful shell rock beach, scattered trees, steep mountains and a little wind ahhaha. Convict Lake Resort took care of everyone. There was a shuttle that took all guest to the location, fresh water served, all with a smile.

Olivia was getting ready with all the girls. Needless to say it was crowded in the cabin. Mom was frosting the cake when i arrive, Dacks was sleeping here and there and all the girls were chilling. Olivia was getting her hair done and looking stunning, as always. When the florist, Mums n roses, arrive jaws dropped. So amazing the arrangements she put together. What stood out most was when the owner showed Olivia the bouquet and explained each flower with such love and passion. She really had us falling in love even more with the flowers. Olivia looked so happy! I couldn’t wait to snag those babies and snap a few images. I always ask for the vows. Its my favorite part of a wedding. The words each person chooses are so unique and allow the guest to really fall in love with their past, present and future story.

Chris and the guys were getting read just across from the girls. It was a pleasure to hear about the Game of Thrones themed bachelor party he had. Each groomsman had a pair of GOT socks, matching their personality. I loved the ties Olivia picked, floral :). This was a sunny group of men to be around. Lots of laughs! You know that mad rush to find glasses in a mountain cabin for a toast? well needles to say there were at least three different types of glasses that held whisky. The whisky that would give many different reactions. Silly times with guys

First look… well it was epic. I gave them so much space! I couldn’t even hear them. Im happy to give my clients these moments alone. It a big moment!

The ceremony was everything it should have been. We had smiles, happy tears, talking Dacks, wind and love. Their DJ, Rick with Fresh Track Entertainment, was professional. He arrive early and tested all the equipment. securing tripods with sandbags and bringing his personal style into the mix. It was flawless! I have one piece of advice for planning is to hire a well reviewed DJ/MC.

OMG the reception. Olivia designed such a beautiful space for the family and friends to enjoy. Her personality shown through even more and let me tell you again, its a beautiful personality. I fell in love with her guest book. Makes me want to pick up yet another hobby. Everyone there was so much fun! The speeches were as they always are, funny, loving, to long ;), awkward but most importably a great effort to show love and share gratitude. There is always that one person who brings a tear to the crowed. Why is that? its because they FEEL so passionately about the couple that they share their heart. This is so beautiful. A true celebration and show of love. This is why we do it, right? to express and feel real and raw love. Yup :D. Maybe we can make this an every day thing.

Much love you Chris, Olivia, Dacks, Family and Friends. May you all be happy, healthy, peaceful and liberated

Photography: Kate Michelle Photography
Venue: Convict Lake, CA
DJ: Rick at Fresh Tracks Entertainment
Florals: Mums n Roses
Make up: Alpen glow bridal
Guest Book: Pracownia Kredka
Dacks the dog: @dacks_thehuskamute